7 Diets In 7 Weeks – I Quit Sugar

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7 Diets In 7 Weeks – I Quit Sugar



‘I Quit Sugar’ became popular a few years back after TV personality Sarah Wilson released a book detailing her belief that our population was eating far too much processed and unprocessed sugar. Sarah wants us all to educate ourselves not only about how much sugar we’re consuming, but also how it’s impacting our health, mindset and behaviour.


The Program

‘I Quit Sugar’ is an 8-week elimination program that gradually removes different sugars from your diet, starting with refined sugars in drinks and sweets and ultimately eliminating all sugars from your diet including fructose, a natural sugar found in many fruits and vegetables. The program promises to improve your mood, energy levels and focus, promote weight loss and healthy eating habits and help you sleep better.


With just one week to trial the program, I jumped straight into the deep end at week 8, eliminating all refined and unrefined sugars from my diet on day 1 and continuing to avoid them for a full week.


Pros & Cons

I’m not a big eater of processed foods and sweets so it wasn’t too hard for me to follow this part of the diet. That said, I found it incredibly difficult to cut fruits and veggies from my diet, since these make up a large part of my normal diet.


Most of the meals in this part of the program involved cooking, which left me craving light, fresh fruits and raw veggies. I felt heavy and sluggish throughout the week, especially on days where I had a busy workload and lots of clients to see.


On the other hand, having eliminates foods like bread and grains that can have a high sugar content certainly improved my digestive health and had me feeling great towards the end of the week, when most of the sugar stores in my body had been exhausted.


The Verdict

I feel that most of what Sarah is talking about in her book is right on point. We as a population eat far too much sugar and many of us aren’t even aware of the sugar that is added to our everyday foods. Did you know that a single serving of low-fat milk has 12 grams of sugar in it? Or that a glass of orange juice contains 21grams of sugar?!


With this in mind, I think we could all do with a little more education around the nutritional content of our food, as well as making an effort to reduce the amount of processed food we eat.


‘I Quit Sugar’ was a tough diet to follow to the letter and one that I wouldn’t recommend jumping straight into. However looking to cut down on your processed foods, and watching the level of sugar you get from processed and unprocessed foods is a great place to start.


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