7 Diets In 7 Weeks – Lite n’ Easy

7 Diets In 7 Weeks – Lite n’ Easy

Week 7: Lite n’ Easy

Commercial calorie-restriction diets have been the most popular way of losing weight for many consumers for decades now. With countless programs such as Weight Watchers, Lite n’ Easy, Slim Fast, Michelle Bridges and Jenny Craig on the market, I thought I’d round out my diet reviews with one of these programs and find out just how easy they are to follow and how effective they’re likely to be in helping people reach their weight loss goals.


I chose Lite n’ Easy as I live a very busy lifestyle and it was going to be the easiest for me to have my meals delivered and ready to eat.


The Program

Lite n’ Easy is an online meal delivery program where you select a daily calorie target and then order meals from the menu provided. Based on my goals from the program I chose the 1800kcal option.


The meal box arrived on my doorstep two days later. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are labeled by day to make the entire process easy to follow, and dinners are interchangeable, so you can choose whatever you’re in the mood for.



Pros and Cons

I’ll admit that going into this week I had some preconceived ideas on how it may all go. I hate frozen meals from the supermarket, as they tend to be highly preserved and processed and full of sugars and salts and very little flavour. So I was pleasantly surprised at just how good these meals were throughout the entire week.


There was a huge variety of meals and I never had the same meal twice in the week. Most of the food is actually fresh, it’s only the dinners and a few lunches that are frozen. There were fresh salads, lean protein and a few little snacks that were all delicious.


The only downside I can see from this program which would be the same as all of the commercial programs is they work great while you are on them, however as soon as you stop using them old habits would fall back into the routine and see you returning to your ways and weight.


The Verdict

The effectiveness of many of these programs is usually very high in the short-term, however the long-term success stories drop to below 5%, with most people regaining all of their weight (and often more) within 24 months of discontinuing the program.


I found Lite n’ Easy to be extremely easy to setup and follow and also relatively cheap, when you consider how much most of us spend on takeaways and dinners out. The food was great and varied and I will certainly use them again in the future when I’m home alone for the week and my wife is off at work or I can’t be bothered thinking about about my meal planning for the week.


I’d definitely recommend this style of program for you if you’re a single professional who lives a busy lifestyle and you don’t want to worry about thinking about planning your food or cooking. If you were to follow it for a month and take the time to understand and learn from the nutrition and meal plans that are being provided to you, I think you could see great results on the program and beyond.

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