Portion Control: The Number 1 Reason We All Struggle To Lose Weight

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Portion Control: The Number 1 Reason We All Struggle To Lose Weight

Portion control is a common issue for all of us today when trying to lose weight, however peoples idea of what an actual portion size is has become so skewed that it is almost impossible to understand how to portion out food anymore.

With many of the foods we eat today, even the ones we consider to be “healthy”, being processed the standard portion we used to eat is not so standard anymore. The best example of this can be found in our breakfast and what many of you I’m sure would have everyday, be that at home or at your favourite café.

Take for example a “healthy” breakfast consisting of some organic muesli (no dried fruit), Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and milk. For most of us this breakfast will consist of almost 800kcal, which you may then ask, well… so what?

When the typical male and female should be eating around 1800kcal and 1600kcal respectively when trying to lose weight, you can see now just how damaging incorrect portion control can be when even eating ‘healthy” foods. Having this breakfast will now only leave you around 1000kcal for the remainder of the day and when you take into consideration what else you are probably eating it isn’t much.

I’m going to presume for a second that you are a worker in the city and might go to a café for your lunch and buy yourself a sandwich or a couple of sushi rolls thinking that these options will be better than the Thai noodle place on the other corner of the street. The sushi rolls you thought were a good option will have around 300kcal per roll and many of you will probably buy 2 to 3 or maybe more which will then add another 600 – 800kcal to your day. Lets now presume you haven’t had any other snacks through out the day and you then go home and have a lovely dinner consisting of steak and some veggies or salad with your partner and maybe a glass of red wine. The average steak we now buy is around 200grams, which will add another 400kcal as well as any sides be that veggies or a salad and could range from 100kcal to 300kcal.

Your total days worth of food has now totaled well over 2000kcal and you will be in a surplus of over 500-600kcal, which is why you are finding it so hard to lose those kilos.

If this sounds like you and you have been doing all the right things and still struggling to lose weight, please feel free to give me a call and I would love to discuss with you how we could begin to have you working towards your goals.

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