The Worlds Healthiest Foods That Are Actually Making You Fat!

The Worlds Healthiest Foods That Are Actually Making You Fat!

The Worlds Healthiest Foods That Are Actually Making You Fat!

If you have been reading my articles for any length of time you will know just how much I bang on about Calories In Vs Calories Out and how “nutrition” and “weight” are two very different topics. Both have very different paramters by which we measure them by and should not be confused with one another when describing how “good” or “bad” a food is for us.

While advocates of “clean” eating will have you believe that as long as your food is coming from “clean” sources then you are good to have as much as you like, I believe that they are giving a very misleading statement by doing so.

The nutritional benefits to “clean” eating are immense and you will never hear me say that getting your foods primarily from whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies and grains is a bad idea.

However, the “nutritional” benefits to eating “clean” are not what we are discussing here and I wanted to be upfront and tell you this from the outset.

Of course, having foods that are lower in calories and nutrient dense are preferable and should be emphasised in any “healthy” diet. However, any one food no matter how much you emphasise it in a diet cannot be “healthy” or “unhealthy” on its own.


Why Shouldn’t We Name a Food “Healthy or “Unhealthy”?

Just as I mentioned above nothing on its own can make your diet and lifestyle healthy or unhealthy. You must put everything into context and it is the context of your life as an entire package that will determine your overall health. This overall package will entail a number of factors, many of which are either in or out of your control.

Factors such as;

  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Living environment
  • Availability to Health care
  • Income

Just to name a few!


The factors listed above are the very reason why no food can be claimed to be “healthy” or “unhealthy” just like comparing free weights to machine weights for building strength or that Hawthorn are the greatest football team to grace the AFL in 100+ years.

Context is what matters and there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when making any claim for health.
Although no context is needed when talking about Hawthorn, its just fact…

They are the greatest team ever. PERIOD.

All Foods Are Created Equal

I can already hear the angry fingers typing and at the ready to tell me just how bad sugar is and that people should be only eating foods that are born from the depths of the Himalayas and are pure of heart.
While yes, again, I agree that an emphasis should be placed on foods that are free from preservatives and have a high nutritional value per calorie, however, emphasis does not allow for excess.

Meaning, just because a food is worth emphasising in a meal plan, does not mean that you can eat this food as much as you like. And just like I mentioned in the very first line (as well as in my article “Does Counting Calories Work”), calories matter and these “healthy” foods have calories in them just like the “unhealthy” foods do.

So whether you want to eat Acai Bowls, Chia Seed Puddings, Organic, Low Carb, or The Potato Diet, please understand that they will all have calories and that you need to consume less calories than your body needs in order to stop gaining fat and lose weight


So What Now?
Firstly, it is a shameless plug, however, you should get a copy of my book as it is AMAZING and has helped countless people lose weight and enjoy the foods they love along the way.


Secondly, have a look through the list below where I have outlined a number of different foods that are considered “healthy” that many of us commonly overeat.


Last of all, begin to track your food and develop an understanding of what kinds of foods you are eating. This way you will begin to understand where the majority of your macronutrients are coming from, which will help you to understand what kinds of proportions you should be having in your diet. If you get stuck, I am always happy to answer any questions you have, please just ask.


The Worlds Healthiest Foods That Are Actually Making You Fat



In my opinion the only reason Mexican food tastes so good is because of the addition of avocado. Whether it is added in slices to a tomato and corn salad or it is dolloped on top of a burrito bowl as thick, smooth and delicious guacamole, it is quite simply the best.

However, while there is no denying that avocado has a myriad of benefits from its vast nutrient and mineral count to its high fiber content you can not get away from the fact that it is extremely high in calories.

1 single avocado can have in excess of 350 calories and over 30 grams of fats.

Cue high pitched, mocking type voice…. “but Adam they are healthy fats and are good for your heart”

Errrhhh…. Please go back and read this article again….
Yes they are “good” fats however a calorie is still a calorie and my firm belief is and always will be, that the excess consumption of calories is what is leading to our growing chronic disease problem.

I am never going to tell you to stop having avocado as it is delicious, however, you need to be very careful of the amount you eat and make sure it fits into your daily calorie count.


Olive Oil

I LOVE OLIVE OIL. I love to use it on my salads just as much as the next guy or girl and just like everyone, I tend to slosh it on like its Ice Magic Topping on Ice Cream.. Seriously how good was that stuff when you were a kid. I wont debate the health benefits and you can click the link here to read much more about them, however with a single serving (table spoon) having 120 calories in it, you can very quickly get into trouble when using it on your favourite salad. Seriously, next time you have a salad and look to use olive oil to dress it, pour the olive oil onto a table spoon and I GUARNETEE you that it will be MUCH MUCH MUCH less than what you would usually use on your salad. It is very easy to splash on 3-4 tablespoons and add over 400 calories to a salad that would have otherwise been almost calorie free.



I think that nuts have stealthfully crept into the health food isle over the past few years due to everyone from Celebrity Chefs to TV Personalities making their own claims on just how amazing they are for us. You cant watch a single episode of My Kitchen Rules without Peter Evans talking about his Activated Nuts (Pardon me while I giggle… I may be 34, however, I am still a 12 year old inside LOL) or turn on Oprah without the latest celebrity sprooking the health benefits to the special nut that their personal trainer has told them they should be eating.

heathy foods making you fat

In all seriousness though, nuts have crept up the ”healthy” food ladder primarily because of the claim they are high in protein, which is completely false.
While 100g of Almonds may have 21g of protein which is not to dissimilar to 100g of steak (24g protein), what they also fail to mention, is the fact that the nuts also contain 49g of FAT! So, when we compare how many grams of protein nuts have per calorie it is significantly lower than the protein per calorie in meat.
If you can make nuts fit into your daily calorie count and can stop at just a handful then go right ahead, however if you are like me and can eat an entire packet of almonds, cashews or peanuts in a blink then it is time to remove them from your diet when looking to lose fat.


Dried Fruit

There is no situation and I mean NO situation that ever warrants you eating dried fruit. Maybe if you are in the depths of the jungle and doing a grueling hike and are in need of some quick energy then maybe, however for all other occasions they are just a complete waste of your daily caloires.

Dried fruit is basically sweets disguised as “health food”. I am flabbergasted that you can find these items in the health food ilses of our supermarkets and that people continue to buy them thinking they are eating fruit.

Because I am such a party animal… Just for fun I went and compared the amount of calories in 100 grams of real banana’s, dried banana’s and Allens Lolly Banana’s;

  1. A real Banana (89 calories)
  2. Dried Banana (519 calories)
  3. Allen’s Lolly Banana (384 calories)

If that list above hasn’t convinced you that items like, dried apricots, bananas, trail mix, sultanas and the like are just a complete waste of your daily calorie content and that they are almost impossible to include in any weight loss program then I want you to click off this article and unfollow me now as there will never be any convincing you.
Stick to real fruit and never include dried fruit in any weight loss program as it will make it near impossible to be successful.


Cold Pressed Juices (Or any Juice for that matter)

If you are consuming juice in any of its many different forms, be it the latest fad of cold pressed juice, a regular freshly squeezed juice, or a “juice” from boost, you are doing yourself no favours when trying to lose weight.

Not only do most juices eliminate most of the fiber from your fruit and vege, it also takes copious amounts of said fruit/vegetable to make up a single juice. In doing so, makes the juice so much more calorific that again, it is nearly impossible to consume them if you are looking to lose weight.

A single boost juice can have over 400 calories per drink, a similar sized freshly squeezed orange juice can have over 300 calories and while cold pressed juices have similar caloires to the freshly squeezed version, they are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!

If you were to start personal coaching with me, I would ask you to quit all drinks except for water and a little coffee should you need it. While this may seem extreme to many of you, if your goal is weight loss, I feel that eliminating all calorie based drinks like juices, alcohol and soft drinks can be a great way to very quickly bring your calories into range where you can see some tangible results.

If you are seeing results and you are happy with your progress and you consume a drink or two a week and like your juice, then continue on your current path, however, if you are struggling to see results and currently consume one or many of these drinks in your week then I think it would benefit you to re-think what you consume.


The 5 that I have listed above are the main ones that come to mind when I think about healthy foods that can very easily be consumed in an amount that will be counterproductive to weight loss. I am by no means saying that you cannot have them (although I stand by my opinion on dried fruit, never have it, eat lollies instead as they have just as much nutritional value if you ask me) however, you have to always keep your goals in mind and make sure you are doing what is needed to ensure you reach them.
Avoiding or at the very least minimising the foods I have listed above will go a long way to helping you reach your weight loss goals and have you on track to one day enjoy these foods again.

If you found this of value or you know someone that could benefit from it I would love it if you could share it.
If you are Peter Evans or a big fan of his activated nuts then please leave me a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece.


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