Can You Lose Weight with Nutrition Alone and Forget About Exercise?

Can You Lose Weight with Nutrition Alone and Forget About Exercise?

Can You Lose Weight with Nutrition Alone and Forget About Exercise?

“Adam, Can You Lose Weight with Nutrition Alone and Forget About Exercise?


“Adam, I want to lose weight, which is more important… Exercise or Nutrition”

These types of questions are the number 1 questions I am asked and I have routinely given an answer that includes a variety of long words and scientific terminologies, mostly to make me sound smart, that inevitably makes the person who asked the question more confused than satisfied. I talk about topics like “The Thermic Effect of Food” or “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen” (EPOC), knowing they may make me sound educated and do actually have an effect on how you will lose weight. However they are confusing and in the end all you asked was a simple question to which you wanted a simple answer.
So to ensure I do not do that again I will try and keep this article as simple as possible and stay clear of the fancy words and science and just answer the question you came to ask.


The answer I will give you may actually surprise you, and could send me out of business if too many of my clients read this article.

You see, I have run an exercise physiology clinic for over 10 years and exercise has always played a large role in what I do and what I advocate for my clients to do in order to attain the results they are coming to see me for.

Any research you read or any information you come across will always state that a combination of both exercise and nutrition is needed for weight loss and a healthy life. To be clear, if we are talking about health and weight loss combined then I 100% agree that exercise MUST play a role, as the benefits that it has on your health are endless. From helping to improve your strength and cardiovascular system, to helping to prevent many chronic diseases and reduce your risks of a variety of cancers, you cannot argue how amazing the power of exercise is.
Nevertheless, the question you asked was in relation to weight loss and not health and so lets speak to that.

No matter how difficult someone wants to make weight loss sound, (usually to sell a product….. Oh, have you heard I have a book coming out soon, CLICK HERE to put your pre-order in 🙂 ) weight loss is a simple equation.

Energy In Vs Energy Out.

If you want to lose weight, you need to be consuming less than your body needs. PERIOD. There will always be other factors that will make individuals lose weight at different rates. However, with patience and time and a consistent approach to putting less energy in than your body needs, you will lose weight. Problem is most people are just not willing to put in the time or have the patience that it takes to see the results that they are looking for.

In my opinion the easiest way to have this equation fall in your favour is by putting all your time, energy and focus into ensuring your NUTRITION is on point and forget about exercise.


Let me explain, as I am sure you have likely lived through the following scenario and it will make much more sense once I go over this.


It’s the 1st of January and you tell yourself, this time is going to be different, this time you will not stop until you reach your goal. You buy the latest 12WBT, print out all of the workouts and food guides and you are ready to go.

First week is perfect and you hit all the exercise days and your nutrition is on point. The end of the week comes and you weigh in and you have lost 1.5kg, GREAT!

Second week rolls around and you miss one training session because you were late home after taking the kids to soccer practice, but your food is still on point and you lose another 1kg, AMAZING!

Third week hits and there is a birthday party at work and you have a slice of cake and justify it by saying you will do an extra session at the gym this week. However, little Susie gets a cold and you are tied up with her and can’t get to the gym. You then buy take away for the family on Friday as little Susie is still sick and has been a nightmare leaving you exhausted. You then jump on the scales and you see you have put on half a kg. THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

It is at this point (it may be 3 weeks in or could be 8, but it happens at some point) you fall off the wagon and the next few weeks roll on by with little thought to the program. You don’t get to the gym and you have not prepared a single meal and your weight balloons back on and you are back to where you started just a few short weeks ago.


Sound familiar?


While I will never accept “lack of time” as an excuse, (I wrote an article about it which you can READ HERE) I am certainly empathetic to everyone having certain obstacles in life that cause them to struggle with their time management. This in turn causes us to pick and choose the things we perceive to value most and inevitably that means taking care of ourselves comes a very distant 2nd.


What I am trying to get at is this….

Instead of trying to do it all and becoming overwhelmed and throwing in the towel a few weeks in, next time you begin your weight loss journey put your focus on the one thing that will govern the greatest result. Simply by dedicating 15 minutes a day to prepare your lunch instead of buying the baguette or sushi roll from the local café and spending an hour on a Sunday to go shopping to get all the groceries, you will see far better results than spending that same amount of time going for a run or hitting the gym.


I have been running my business at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center for over 10 years now. And in that time I have seen countless people come to the gym day in and day out and not see a change in their body shape. They could have the best program in the world, (most likely written by me, please understand my sarcasm in that statement, although I do think I am pretty damn good at my job LOL) however, if they are heading home after their session and eating more calories than their body needs and paying no attention to the macro-nutrient breakdown of their food then they are doomed to fail in their weight loss journey. This is not to say that the training they are doing is a waste of time. The exercise they are doing will certainly be having an effect on their overall health, but again we are talking about weight loss, not health. If you were to be completely honest with yourself and me, I am almost certain that the reason you are going to the gym is to change the way you look on the outside and it has little to do with how healthy you are on the inside. Don’t get me wrong, I love how fit I feel when I hit the gym or go for a run, however, I will be the first to admit I am doing bicep curls to impress my wife (I know it was my bicep curls that made her fall in love with me, LOL) and could care less about how well my heart is functioning.

In recent times, I have made a monumental shift in how I deliver my service to those clients who are coming to me for weight loss. The conversations I am now having with them are much more geared around the food they are eating and we speak very little about exercise. It’s easy for me to sit here and say all this, however it is probably better for me to show you an example. Let me introduce you to two clients of mine that have made almost all of their progress on nutrition changes alone with little to no exercise intervention.


Meet Paul, he came to me after having a shoulder and knee reconstruction and in the beginning had little options when it came to exercise. We devised his program to focus almost entirely around his food habits and in the past 4 months his transformation has been nothing short of STUNNING!


Then there is my Sister who, with only a few walks a week, (also a simple at home circuit session introduced around week 20) has lost over 30kg and 80cm from her body in just over 30 weeks. She is now feeling better than she has in years and instead of dreading exercise has a renewed sense of energy and actually wants to train. I couldn’t be more proud of her and she inspires me to continue to work as hard as I do to ensure the world can realise what they can achieve with this Start Late, Stay Light Program.


Both of these clients come from very different starting points, however their want to change and inability to exercise was the same and I think its fair to say that they have seen amazing results when just focusing on nutrition and not including exercise.

If you find you get overwhelmed a few weeks into any weight loss journey and struggle to continue when it all becomes a little too much, then I am here to say QUIT EXERCISING and put ALL your focus on your food habits. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve!


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Thank you again for your time and attention and I wish you nothing but Health, Happiness and Longevity.


If you have any questions or wish to inquire on how my Start Late, Stay Light program could help you reach your goals, then please don’t hesitate to contact me ([email protected]) as I would be only too happy to have a chat.

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