5 Steps You Can Take To Never Binge Eat Again!

5 steps you can take to never binge eat again

5 Steps You Can Take To Never Binge Eat Again!

By no means are these the only 5 steps you can take to never binge eat again, however over the 13 plus years I have been working with clients, these have been the ones I have seen help my clients stay the course over the long term in order to reach their fat loss goals.

I wanted to write this article as I am asked all the time “does skipping breakfast cause you to overate later in the day”. The reasons to why you might find yourself overeating or binging on a block of chocolate has VERY little to do with the fact you skipped breakfast and MUCH more to do with a host of environmental and psychological factors to which I will speak to down below.

While Susie from accounting loves to spread the idea and belief that skipping breakfast is the cause to overeating and binging, there is actually very little data to back up its claims. While yes, you will most likely eat more in your two main meals (lunch and dinner) the extra amount you eat doesn’t make up for the fact you skipped breakfast and is far from binge eating 100 tacos for dinner

While I will admit that when you first take up the no breakfast life or fasting in general there is a transition period, however, this transition period only tends to last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. For most people, after a week on the no breakfast life they actually feel more energetic, less bloated, have no mid-morning or afternoon slumps and are less irritable.

With that all said, I do understand that people still struggle with overeating and binging on occasion and if you find yourself reaching for foods even though you are not actually hungry, below are the 5 steps you can take to stop this binge eating forever.


  1. Get A QUALITY Night’s Sleep

We can all imagine and have lived through the scenario where you needed to get a report completed for your boss, welcomed a baby into the house, stressed about an exam you need to take, had a fight with your partner or any number of things that then resulted in a few or MANY sleepless nights. Now think about those days and especially those nights at how much more likely you were to reach for the panty to grab some chips or the freezer to eat a tub of ice-cream. When you are tired, you are always much more likely to fall victim to the WANT to eat more food. Notice how I said, WANT to eat more food rather than NEED to eat food, BIG DIFFERENCE!

Putting time and effort into making sure you set yourself up each and every night to have the best night’s sleep you possibly can (click here to listen to my podcast on how to get a great night’s sleep) is so important. If you can do this, I assure you that staying on track and not binge eating late at night or reaching for the cookie jar at work will become a far easier proposition.


  1. Live and Work in a Supportive Environment

I don’t have an order of importance with regards to these 5 steps, however I do ABSOLUTELY believe that if you surround yourself with negativity, negative people and a tempting environment, you are almost CERTAIN to fail on your fat loss journey. You hear business people say it ALL the time… “You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with, and if you want to become a billionaire, surround yourself with billionaires” While this comment is usually reserved for the business world, I believe it is equally helpful when on your fat loss journey or just life in general.

I don’t care if it is your mother, closest friend, work colleagues or next-door neighbour, if they are someone that takes energy from your life and always seems to complain about the world around them… CUT THEM LOOSE!!! I’m serious, cut them from your life and go and find yourself some new people to hang out with. It could be a support group of single mums, a local running group, book club or some random person in the gym who you have noticed is always smiling… Just make sure that these new people you are surrounding yourself with ADD value to your life, lift you up and bring a positivity to the world and watch how life begins to change in an instant!


  1. Eat Foods That Satisfy You Bodies Needs

If you follow me on Instagram (@the_no_breakfast_guy) you have heard me talk AT LENGTH about how important CALORIES are to your fat loss journey. You will have heard me say, it doesn’t matter if your calories come from Twinkies, potatoes, chocolate or broccoli, as long as you are in a calorie deficit, you WILL lose fat. This is ABSOLUTELY true, however, WHAT you eat is still VERY important to the overall success of your journey moving forwards. Most, scrap that, ALL people will struggle on their fat loss journey at some point due to the reduced calories. I don’t care what your favourite Instagram influencer tells you about fat loss, trying to lose weight SUCKS! You WILL feel hungry, you WILL get irritable and you WILL want to throw in the towel on numerous occasions. HOWEVER, as appealing as it is to just eat ice-cream and make it fit your overall calories for the day, these types of food are super CALORIE dense but not NUTRIENT dense. Eating plenty of nutrient dense foods which are also low in calories (mostly fruits and vegetables and lean proteins) will not only fill you up, but also satisfy your bodies NEEDS and in turn curb your want to binge on those empty calories.


  1. Reduce Decision Fatigue

This point was one of those points I remember saying a while back to a client and it was a massive AHHHH HAAA moment for them. If you have had a great night’s sleep and are relatively stress free, think about how easy some of the decisions you make in the morning can be. What colour top you are going to wear, should you call your mum before or after work, what food will you take with you for lunch and should you wear your hair up or down (not such a problem for me with my balding head, LOL). We are presented with 1000’s of questions each and every day and many of them you don’t even think about when you are just going about your day. Now, let’s flip the switch and fast forward to later that evening after you have had the day from hell. You are on your way home and are meant to head to the gym, instead of being an instant YES, you umm and ahhh about it and mull over all the reasons why you can’t go to the gym. You decide, you are too busy and need to get home to get dinner ready. You race to the shops to grab dinner and as you walk in the door you are confronted by the 1000’s of different signs and specials. What should have been a quick decision to buy ingredients for your chicken stir-fry now becomes to difficult of a task and so you reach for the freezer isle and buy a ready-made meal or maybe you turn around and walk back out to head to the local fish and chip shop because even the thought of having to microwave something becomes too much.

I am sure I am not alone and these scenarios have happened to you 100’s of time before just as they have with me. It leads to you feeling angry at yourself for not sticking to the plan and for taking the easy road. You feel bloated and YUCK from the super greasy food and instead of doing your nightly stretching and yoga routine, you decide to just grab the iPhone and head to bed to watch some trashy TV show.

We ALL suffer from decision fatigue, where even the smallest task or questions posed to you can seem impossible and so the seemingly easier road is taken.

So now what?

Have you ever noticed why some of the most successful people in the world wear the same clothes every day, had very simple eating habits or daily routines that seemed borderline psychotic? They ALL had a focus in life and other decisions in their day were just distractions to what their main goal was. Simple actions like wearing the same clothes every day (I assure you, no one will notice), preparing all of your food on Sunday or at least writing a menu of meals you will have for the week can all cut down on the decision fatigue you will experience throughout the week to come. Get rid of as MANY decisions and choices you need to make each and every day, so when the decagons around your health and well-being pops up (should you go to the gym or not, should you take the dog for a walk or not, should you cook your dinner or call UBER tonight) you are not so fatigued from a day of choices that you quickly take the option you know you should take.


  1. Get Rid of the Short-Term Mindset

We ALL want the quick fix and the fitness industry preys on this mindset by selling you products that try to encapsulate this idea. The sooner you can understand that there never has been, there is not and most likely (who knows what the future holds) never will be a short cut to fat loss the better off you will be. This change in mindset will have you realise that the fact you fell off the wagon and gorged yourself sick on 3 blocks of chocolate, will have NO impact on your long-term success. If you live in a world where all you are looking to do is stick to a plan for 12 weeks, then slipping up and falling off the wagon will have a detrimental impact on the goals you can achieve in that short period of time. However, you are NOT a physique competitor or body builder and you don’t have a time line on you for reaching your goals then what is your hurry? If it takes the next 3 years to achieve your fat loss goal, SO WHAT!!! If you binge eat and need to start again 100 times, then do that! Stop caring about what other people may be thinking and stay in your lane and keep putting in the effort. This game you are playing is for LIFE and is NOT just a 12-week sprint.

This journey you are on is going to take time, it is going to take a heap of effort and you will absolutely want to throw it all in after you have a bad day. However, with these tactics up your sleeve, it might make it that little bit easier to see you get right back to your plan and see you achieve your goals!


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