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Start Late, Stay Light – The Book

In this book you will learn why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day and how moving your first meal later in the day could be the most valuable change you can make to your health and well being and see you become a fat burning machine. Start Late, Stay Light brings together my 15+ years of experience, countless hours of research as well as 100’s of successful weight loss transformations in an easy to read and simple approach to fat loss.

Health Coaching

Why have people used me as personal trainer and health coach over the years? First and foremost, for the accountability it offers but also the expert knowledge I have gathered through my studies and continued learning over the years. My health coaching will save you time and streamline your goal setting to see you achieve all your hopes and dreams no matter where you are in the world, GUARANTEED!

The No Breakfast Club

As I have become busier with my coaching over the years, I hated putting people on a waiting list or worse yet, having them say they couldn’t afford my 1 on 1 coaching. For these reasons I developed “The No Breakfast Club” which is my group coaching service that brings together everything you would receive from me in my 1 on 1 coaching but at a MUCH more affordable and available service. Not only that, you will also be supported by a group of other like minded individuals that are on their own journey to reach their health and wellbeing goals.

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