The No Breakfast Guy

Firstly, Hi there!

Secondly, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to take a look around my website and I hope that you find it to be of use to you in helping you on your weight loss journey. Should you need a little help that is what I am here for and I would be only too happy to help.

WHY is your Happiness and Health Important… The real answer and not some sales pitch

Put simply, being happy and healthy will help you live longer to enjoy that time with your family, friends and loved ones.

Since becoming a dad this year I have discovered a new found purpose in health and fitness. I used to go to the gym and eat well (most of the time) to look great when I took my shirt off when going for a run or sun baking down on the beach.

What I have become to realise in myself and with the many clients I have already helped is that quality time spent with our loved ones is something that is far more valuable to us than anything else and while looking great in a bikini or with your shirt off is nice, it doesn’t really make a difference to our true health or happiness.

Why Should You Listen to me?
After all, there are 1000’s of other online coaches that could tell you the same thing?

I have a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science have completed a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, helped 100’s if not 1000’s of clients and for the past 10 years I have run and still do run a successful Exercise Physiology business.

Now while I brag this doesn’t help you and you probably don’t care, and nor should you. The real question you are asking is HOW am I going to help you on your journey.

Well, I see you as part of my family. The three most important Women in my life, (my daughter doesn’t count as she is bulking at the moment, LOL) have now lost a combined 85kg and still losing weight and have changed their lives far beyond just the scales. I consider any of my clients as family and will do anything I can to help you reach your goal just as I continue to help my family reach theirs.

I am passionate about making your life better and showing you how health and fitness can be your gateway drug to a life you only dreamt could be possible.

So if you are ready to commit and take that leap of faith I would love for you to contact me should you have any questions.